Project TD-48

CNCSIS cod 73 / 2008


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Full title:
"Metode psihofizice noi de investigare a pacientilor cu ambliopie " (romanian)
"New Psychophysical Methods for Investigation of Amblyopic Patients" (eng.)
Author: Adrian Iftime


Publications directly related to this doctoral thesis

  1. Scientific journals (ISI)
    1. Sireteanu R., Thiel A., Fikus S., Iftime A., (2008), 'Patterns of spatial distortions in human amblyopia are invariant to stimulus duration and instruction modality', Vision Research,  48, 1150-1163
    2. Sireteanu R.,  Baeumer C.,   Iftime A. (2008) 'Temporal instability in amblyopic vision:Relationship to a displacement map of visual space', IOVS  - Investigative Ophtalmology and Visual Sciences, 49: 3940-3954.

  2. Scientific journals (MEDLINE):
    1. Iftime, A.; Baeumer, C.C. & Sireteanu, R. (2007), 'An Automated Method for Creating Simulated Distorted Images in Amblyopic Vision', Strabismus, Volume   15, Issue  1, 2007, pages 21 - 27; ISSN: 1744-5132 (electronic) 0927-3972 (paper) ; DOI: 10.1080/09273970601175016
    2. Sireteanu, R.; Baeumer, C.C.; Sarbu, C. & Iftime, A. (2007), 'Spatial and temporal misperceptions in amblyopic vision', Strabismus. Volume   15, Issue  1,  2007, pages 45 - 54; ISSN: 1744-5132 (electronic) 0927-3972 (paper); DOI: 10.1080/09273970601180263

  3. Conferences - (abstracts):
    1. Iftime A, Thiel A, Sireteanu R, (2008), ‘An objective evaluation of temporal instabilities in amblyopic perception’, Perception, 37, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 112
    2. Iftime A, Thiel A, Sireteanu R, (2007), ‘An objective evaluation of information loss in amblyopic perception’, Eur Biophys J, 36, EBSA Abstract supplement 1
    3. Iftime A, Thiel A, Sireteanu R, (2007), ‘A 3-D model of amblyopic visual field’, Perception, 36, ECVP Abstract Supplement, ISSN 0301-0066
    4. Iftime, A.M.; Baeumer, C.C. & Sireteanu, R. (2006), 'Computer simulations of spatial misperceptions in amblyopic vision', Perception 35, ECVP06 Abstracts Supplement.

The last months of doctoral studies were funded by a national research grant CNCSIS TD-48/2008 .
Grant time frame
: 01.06.2008 - 30.05.2009 (deadline)


Some of the computer programs developed during our doctoral studies are online available at (direct link). These programs were developed in cooperation with Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Frankfurt) and Goethe university (Biopsychology Dept.) (Frankfurt aM), under supervision of Prof. Dr. R. Sireteanu.

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