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Particpant ID: 22
[ show animated only ]

a) [ high_resolution ]
c) ~ 2.5 Hz
b) [ high_resolution ]
d) Hz not measurable (see note)

Click on the images to see a higher resolution version (for computer monitors).
For some images, a high-resolution image is provided to highlight details ( blue link ).

NOTE: For stimulus c) the participant reported the visible pattern but also faint, pulsating wavy edges of the black grid lines; these are visible  only on the high resolution image, not on the thumbnail.

NOTE: For stimulus d), the motion was reported as "continuous moving downward" in the pattern and velocity shown.

This work was supported by grants from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to R. Sireteanu (SI 344/17-2,3) and partly from Romanian CNCSIS to A.Iftime (TD-48/2008)