Some of the projects I was involved in, some other stuff that I made that looks like worthy to share.
This page is a kind of work-in-progress so some links might not work, some are changed, etc.

Past projects:

  • Academic:
    • In Psychophysics Lab of Prof. R. Sireteanu in Max Planck Institute for Brain Research & J.W.Goethe University / Frankfurt, Germany. My principal interest here was the analysis and computer simulation of spatial and temporal distortions in amblyopic vision. Briefly, amblyopia is a developmental disorder of the visual system that leads to loses in spatial vision, despite good retinal image quality, and no further deficits in the eye. More details about the laboratory, here.
    • Involved in a study of Hofmeister ion series, with a Black Lipid Membrane Setup, under kind guidance of Prof. C. Ganea, in Max Planck Institute for Biophysics (MPIBP, Prof. Klaus Fendler) and UMF "Carol Davila". (2004)
    • Master in Biomedical Engineering, DBB. (2002 - 2004); A brief description and some presentations, here (in Romanian language)

  • Industry:
    • 2004 - member in the design team of "Intuitext" e-learning platform
My main task was to produce scientifically accurate & eye-candy 3D models of some human internal organs and human physiological processes. These were used then in an education program for biology.

  • Non-profit /NGO/ Volunteering:
    • 2002 - 2004, I was one of the founding members and technical advisor of the non-profit organization "AIM" (Association "Internet For Medicine" in Bucharest). The goal of this organization was to implement as cheap and as fast as possible a full scale internet-connected computer network for the whole campus of Medicine University. The work started in 2002 and in 2005 a LAN with almost 1000 computers was completed. I am very proud that I worked with such dedicated and enthusiastic people there, which succeeded in spite of big organizational, financial and bureaucratic problems.
    • 2003, I was involved in the development of "Unismart" e-learning platform (Black Sea University Foundation, Bucharest, an NGO). My task here was to design, implement and oversee some technical solutions for e-learning.
    • Now an then, I am writing tutorials and howtos on various topics, I put some of them here, on this site.
    • invited public speaker for various conferences, mainly medical science popularization and critical thinking.

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