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I currently work as an Associate Professor in Biophysics Department at University of Medicine "C.Davila" Bucharest, Romania.



  • iftime [at] adius [dot] ro
  • adrian [dot] iftime [dot] umfcd [dot] ro
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Postal address:

Carol Davila" University, Biophysics Dept.
Bd. Eroii Sanitari, Nr.8
050474 Bucharest, Romania



  • 2007 - current: Medical University in Bucharest (UMFCD), Biophysics Department.;
  • 2004-2006 full-time; 2007 - 2008: collaboration; Researcher in Max Planck Institute in Brain Research - Psychophysics Laboratory (Frankfurt am Main, Germany); The focus of my work here was the analysis and simulation of complex visual distortions in amblyopic patients; PhD thesis on the subject;
  • 2004 Master of Science in Medical Engineering, "Politehnica University" in Bucharest, Romania; Thesis on emergent phenomena in cellular automata;
  • 2002 Medical University in Bucharest (UMF), Romania, with a Diploma Thesis in Medical Biophysics.

Skills currently related to my work:

- visual stimuli generation [using ImageMagick, OpenSesame/PsychoPy, JAI, and related programming tools];
- experimental data analysis and statistical modeling [using R];
- Scientific visualizations: proficient with 3DStudioMax for photometric lighting, photo-realistic rendering (MentalRay); physics and fully-scripted animation.
  • Biophysics of cell membranes (Lipid bilayers) investigation methods:
    • experimental electrical methods: BLM (Black Lipid Membranes) and SSM (Solid Supported Membranes)
    • spectrofluorimetric methods (investigations of membranes; liposomes) - experimental methods and data analysis (OriginLab);
  • Scientific content editing tools (LaTeX, RMarkdown, bibtools, GNU Image Manipulation Program, Inkscape, ImageMagick on Linux);
  • Project management;
  • Public speaking (academic lectures for medical students and general public conferences for understanding of medical research).

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